You Are Victorious In Christ Jesus! Proclaim Your Victory Today!

I heard, you are victorious in Christ Jesus! I began to ponder what does this mean? All of us know that, because of Christ we have been grafted into the “Kingdom of Heaven” as we once did before the fall.

What does it mean that you are victorious and to proclaim your victory?

Proclaiming Victory Before & During Every Battle

Do you love sports or competitive activities, I do! What I found is that, the people who thought they would win before the game, activity, and so on, began they ended up finishing better than those who felt as if they would lose before the event happened.

In psychology, they study patterns that people have. What they learned was that, those individuals who walked in fear with their heads down, slowly walking, timid, and so on, where the targets of people who sought to take advantage of a situation.

Life is full of battles and if you believe you will not succeed before a battle or even during a battle; then how can you ever hope to succeed?

We Are Kings, Queens, Princes, & Princesses of Heaven

Have you ever been in a position of power? A leader of some sort? Then you realize that when you enter a room, you command that room. If you are a owner of a business and you have employees under you, then they respect you (or at least they should) when you enter the room.

If we are family of a kingdom then we should walk as such. We need to enter all rooms with our heads up in a position of power.

So Your a King, Queen, Prince, or a Princess in the Kingdom of Heaven, Now What?

Once you realize that you are royalty in Christ Jesus, grafted into the tree of life which is in Christ; once this is a realization then when you enter a situation, you are entering in as a victorious royal member of the “Kingdom of Heaven” and as a member of a royal kingdom and robed in righteousness; when this realization has become a reality in this moment, you will be victorious in all circumstances.

You will enter the thrown room of heaven and can present your case to the King and he will hear from you directly. When you walk your head is lifted up, when a battle comes and it will, you already know you have won the battle.

Let today be the day that you understand your position in Christ Jesus that you are a son and a daughter of Heaven and as such; you should know your place and walk in victory. Walk as if the battles has already been won. If you walk as if the battle has already been lost, you will position yourself for a losing battle. But, if you see yourself as victorious, you will position yourself a a conquering son or daughter. Come humbly to the throne and know who your father is.

My King, my King, my Lord, my Lord, hear me my Abba my father. Your enemies, my enemies have come after me seeking my end, but you owe Lord have heard my prayers and have delivered me from my enemies!

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