New Heart Ministries is offering cryptocurrency as a way to donate to the church. Many people do not carry cash and use other forms of currency (to include cryptocurrency). There are plenty of ways you can donate these days. Please see the donate page or the page for additional ways to donate to New Heart Ministries.

Note: Please understand that, the price of the cryptocurrency at the time of donation will be tax deductible and will be tax deductible at the current price of the donation only. Previous or future prices are not taken into consideration. If the price is $1.00 at the time of donation and the current price at the end of the year is $2.00, then the price of $1.00 per coin/token is the tax donation amount given. Cryptocurrency is a new technology and New Heart Ministries does not have a way to give you a receipt for your donation. The Donation will be solely on the giver to provide information for your own tax purposes. New Heart Ministries intends to make it easier for the giver to be able to give to their desired Non-For-Profit organization, in this case, New Heart Ministries. If you need a token to be listed in order for you to donate using cryptocurrencies, then please reach out to us and we will be happy to make this possible.

Cryptocurrency Donation Boxes

Note: Please select from one of the following cryptocurrency addresses listed below to be able to select one of their corresponding addresses for New Heart Ministries Cryptocurrency Wallet.


  • Donate withBitcoin
  • Donate withEthereum
  • Donate withXrp
  • Donate withStellar
  • Donate withDogecoin
  • Donate withUsdcoin
  • Please Add coin wallet address in plugin settings panel