Contacting our church is a seamless and welcoming experience, reflecting our commitment to fostering genuine connections with both our congregation and the broader community. Whether you have questions about our ministries, seek guidance, or simply desire to join our fellowship, we are readily available to assist you. Our dedicated team is at your service, eager to provide information, offer support, and extend a warm embrace to newcomers and longtime members alike.

To get in touch, you can reach out through various channels. Our website features a user-friendly contact form where you can submit your inquiries, and our responsive team will promptly address your questions. Additionally, you’re welcome to visit our physical location during office hours, where you’ll find our friendly staff ready to assist you face-to-face. Whether through emails, phone calls, or personal visits, know that your outreach is valued, and we look forward to connecting with you and walking together on your faith journey.

New Heart Ministries

80 Smokey Hollow Road

Baldwinsville, New York 13027

(315) 303-5066



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