Welcome to New Heart Ministries!

Supporting the growth and expansion of a church through donations is a profound act of building up the body of Christ. Your generous contributions serve as the cornerstone upon which our spiritual community flourishes. Each donation, whether large or small, is a tangible expression of your commitment to the shared vision of strengthening the bonds of faith, compassion, and fellowship.

When you donate to our church, you play an integral role in creating a physical space that reflects the spiritual values we hold dear. Your contributions go beyond bricks and mortar; they create a sanctuary where believers can come together to worship, learn, and find solace. Just as the apostle Paul emphasized the importance of each member in the body of Christ, your donations are a testament to the unity and interconnectedness of our congregation. As we embark on this journey of growth, your support not only builds physical structures but also reinforces the spiritual foundation that binds us as one body, united in Christ’s love.

You can use the link below to donate to New Heart Ministries! Both the image and the link send you to for you to submit your Donation.